Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mammoth Village Resort

Don't feed our bears?!?

Starbucks! It's always just what I need.

Holy cow!

These bears were very nice. They didn't growl or claw or anything.

This hotel tripped me out so much. It looks just like the Grand California Hotel at the Disneyland Resort. The rooms are above shops and restaurants on a long strip, like Downtown Disney. They have a station where you catch the ski lift (like the Monorail) and they have a stage area for performances. It really was bizarre, almost like being in a parallel universe.

Tikis, too?!? What is this place?

One difference was that Mammoth Village has some play areas for kids and families.

Am I in Anaheim? What is even going on?

If you look closely, you'll see a mouse. No, not Mickey!

My lunch at the hotel was a vegetarian sandwich.

This guy was in one of the gift shops.

So many plush friends were for sale. I mean, come on, what is this place?

And of course they had a candy shop! I had to inspect the candy apples just to make sure they didn't have characters on them.

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