Friday, July 25, 2014

Disneyland Day 1

Chris and I dressed up to get into the spirit. He dressed as Sorcerer Mickey and I dressed as Snow White.

This is the giant hat at the bottom of Downtown Disney, where the Disneyland Hotel property begins.

I am so happy that they have Starbucks in Disneyland. I stop there at least once per day for my coffee.

Ooh, a candy apple! But maybe I shouldn't eat it while I am dressed like Snow White.

I don't collect Vinylmation, but I do buy ones that I like. I wanted the Star Wars ones.

The pretty fountain is in California Adventure at the hub.

This is on the way to the Redwood Creek area, which is a great area for bears.

This bear statue is in front of a gift shop in the Redwood Creek area.


I like to take my picture with these bears every time I visit the shop. I want to bring one home with me when I go on my next Disneyland vacation.

I love this shirt. I just wish they had teddy bear size.

I ate dinner here. The pasta is delicious, and the bread they serve is so good.

I love water. I love seeing waterfalls and being near bodies of water. This is the back side of the Grizzly River Run mountain.

These beautiful flowers were inside Disneyland.

I went on Thunder Mountain. I like the new changes, especially the padded benches. I don't get tossed around anymore.

Oh, how I wish I could live here. Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

I have yet to pull the sword from the stone.

I keep finding apples. But I know this one is not okay to eat.

Properly dressed.

This is a statue just outside of the Castle.

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