Sunday, January 19, 2020

Pop Pop Popcorn!

 Today we celebrate the kernel. A high-fiber, whole grain snack. Popcorn!

 Popcorn is one of those snacks that really adds to a visit to a theme park, watching a good movie, or quenching a crunchy, salty craving.

 Popcorn is mostly popped with oil, or tossed in butter, then sprinkled with salt. And now there are so many flavors, with seasonings and spices, drizzled chocolate, or sticky syrups. And sometimes even blends happen, such as sweet and salty to make kettle corn.

 The most popular flavors are the classic salt and butter, cheese, and caramel.

 Caramel is a good flavor for popcorn, but it is one of those things for which I need a special craving for it.

 My favorite is a bucket of hot, freshly popped. I get it about half of the time when I go to the movie theater, and usually at least once during my Disneyland vacations.

Years ago, I used to get what was known as "pink popcorn" and it was a San Francisco confection. I would pick up a brick now and then from the drug store, where it was always available. But I hadn't seen it for a while, and wanted to find out what happened to Wright's Pink Popcorn. Unfortunately, it is no longer being made. And while I can get 'pink' popcorn, or other colors from candy stores, it will never be the same as getting a brick of it in a cellophane wrapper.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

A Party for Teddies

 Some of my friends wanted to get together to have a party to celebrate plushies/lovies/teddies. I thought it would be fun to use a cookie cutter to make teddy-shaped appetizers.

 We always have cheese at my parties.

 And there are almost always potatoes. I made my usual tater tots, and I also made curly fries because they were requested.

 I had my own teddy join the party.

 One of the things I did was I brought out my Valentine's Day outfits so my friends could dress in festive clothing.

 I made a lasagna. Cheese!

 The teddies got these little lovie-sized treat bags.

 They had candy inside, something that most teddies love.

 The humans of each bear got their own bags of goodies.

 They got teddy graham crackers, nutella, and gummy bears. All delicious treats!

 One of my humans made Hamster Food, a cereal bar made of candy, cereal, seeds, raisins, and candy, held together by a peanut butter sauce. It was from the Overwatch cookbook, and it is a yummy treat.

Doesn't that look amazing? Now I want more!

Stuffed with Fluff!

 January 18th is the birthday of AA Milne, the author who wrote the Winnie the Pooh stories. So this day has become National Winnie the Pooh Day.

 Pooh is so cuddly and sweet, and is always a perfect bear for a snuggle.

 I thought people would think I was Pooh so they would give me hunny. But no one fell for it.

I made this friend at the Build-A-Bear Workshop when they were in Downtown Disney. I am so sad they closed that store, they had friends and outfits you could only get there. I do hope they come back one day.