Monday, June 1, 2020

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I stand against racism and injustice.

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Black Lives Matter

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Dinner in a Haunted Restaurant

 After resting in the room, we went to sit by the pool. It was too cold to swim, but they did have fire pits. We set up our snacks and relaxed by the warmth. I brought out the veggies and dips.

 This is the fire pit right near the hot tub, which was really big. It was almost like a small pool.

 It felt like a paradise in the area.

 I enjoyed the tropical/tiki theme.

 This was the swimming pool. Part of it was covered, which is good if you want to be out of the sun or rain.

 They had a couple of fountains in the pool area, too.

 This is the hot tub, but you could do laps because it is so big.

 There are a lot of places to sit, you can be next to the pool or the hot tub. There is a bar there but it wasn't open.

 And another place with fire where you can stay warm while outside.

We were ready for dinner, so we went inside to get ready. Then we went to the lobby to wait for our limo.

 Our hotel provided a complimentary limo service which would take us to one of many restaurants in the area.

 There were lights that changed color inside, it was very festive.

If we spent more time, I could have explored the music options, or even put on a movie. But our destination was just a few minutes away.

We decided on the Oberon Grill for dinner. There is a rumor that this place is haunted.

 The menu had a good variety of foods, and I didn't know which thing to choose.

 We did get bread with olive oil and vinegar. That is some good stuff.

 We shared an appetizer of oysters.

 And we also shared a shrimp cocktail.

 And then I got even more shrimp on pasta. So good!

Even though this restaurant is reported as being haunted, I didn't feel any ghostly presence. What I did feel was a full tummy. So we went back to the hotel to get some sleep, because the next day it was another long drive to Oregon.

Clam Chowder and Chocolate

 We wanted to explore Eureka as we had never visited before. We had only driven through it. We went to the waterfront which wasn't as built up as I had imagined. We wanted lunch and figured on seafood since we were on the coast.

 We went to Cafe Waterfront and were seated right away. They gave us a table at the window so we could see the water while we ate.

 I ordered a Diet Coke for my beverage.

 I started with clam chowder because I think it's the law when you are at a seafood restaurant.

 I was so cold and really felt the warmth as the chowder went down.

 I ordered the shrimp sandwich for lunch with pasta salad on the side. Both were delicious, but a bit smaller than I'd like. Still, tasty food.

 After eating, we took a walk.

 I love the water. I really want to go on a real boat one day.

 These birds would land on the railing and stay perfectly still. And every time I took out my camera for a picture, it would fly away.

 As we walked, we found there was a chocolate shop. We stopped in and picked a couple pieces and a few bars. It smelled so good in there.

After exploring, we wanted to go back to the hotel to relax and enjoy the resort. So that's what we did.