Thursday, October 31, 2019

A Visit to Spina Farms

 Today we were going to visit a pumpkin patch.

 We stopped at Starbucks to get a pumpkin spice latte.

 We went to Spina Farms, where I went last year.

 Since it was Halloween, the park was very quiet. In a way, that was good because we had most of the place to ourselves.

 The downside is many of the pumpkins were picked over, and some of the attractions were closed.

 They had this couch made out of hay. It is fun for a photo but I wouldn't nap on it.

 This is one gigantic chair. I bet a whole human family could fit on it!

 Ah, nice view.

 I am always curious as to which pumpkins are edible. Are all of them? Are some just for decoration?

 I love seeing these giant pumpkins and other cutouts.

 I told Mr Duffy to sit by the Knuckle Head sign. He can be goofy sometimes.

 This is a pumpkin in its early stage. It is green! At first glance, it looks like a watermelon.

 You can see how it starts to slowly turn yellow.

 Eventually, the pumpkin will become orange when it is ready.

 Good thing I am not a crow!

 One nice thing about this particular farm is they have several educational signs about pumpkins.

 Along with pumpkins, they also grow marigolds and corn. It is very harvesty!

 Okay, so now to really look at pumpkins to find a good one.

 Who are those critters peering behind those pumpkins?

 This is a nice pyramid, unfortunately not as impressive as the one at the bigger park down south.

 Still 18 inches tall!

 I'm the king of the gourd!

I found the perfect teddy-sized pumpkin.

We paid for our pumpkins and headed home. We had to get dressed in our costumes and get ready for all the candy eating!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

This Isn't Central Perk

 While still in the San Diego area, I decided to stop for coffee so I would have something to keep me awake for the long drive.
I found a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

 They had a display and a special blend for the TV show Friends.

I didn't try the Friends blend. I usually don't drink drip coffee and instead opted for a pumpkin latte. It was not as delicious as the one at Starbucks. But this place does make a very tasty blended beverage that is creamier than the Frappuccinos.

Maybe one day I will taste the Friends blend, if it is still available. If I'm too late, it won't be long until we get the Christmas Starbucks blend!

Monday, September 30, 2019

San Diego Botanic Garden, Part Two

 I love the shades of pink to purple in this plant.

 These magenta leaves are pretty and they inspired me to want to color leaves like this in my books.

 These flowers remind me of the singing ones from Alice in Wonderland.

 There were turtles in the pond!

 This might look like a photo from the ground of trees with the sky above them. It is actually a photo of the pond, reflecting the trees.

 This is in a meditation corner.

 There is a fruit section with some I have never heard of. And it got me curious as to what they taste like, if they are even edible.

 I enjoy fruit trees. I used to have several trees in my backyard of my big house. But things like bats, woodpeckers, and a vindictive neighbor all killed them. Now that backyard looks sad and empty. There is a small Build-A-Bear guest house out there where some of my holiday friends live. At least they make the yard a more cheerful place.

 There are so many interesting fruits here.

 These are tiny bananas. They were smaller than my head!

 Tomatoes, yum!

 The succulent garden made me want to buy some and bring them home.

 This is a Gollum plant, named for the character from Lord of the Rings!

 They had a waterfall, I was at the top, then went down the hill to get a different view of it.

 There is a lookout structure you can climb, and look out over much of San Diego.

I spent a few hours walking around, looking at the plants and taking in the nature. I love botanical gardens, and this is one of the best ones I have been in. There is also a lot of shade and many places to sit. So if you tire easily and like to stay out of the sun, this is a good place to visit.