Saturday, June 29, 2019

See You Real Soon

 We got up, packed up the room, and loaded the car. Then we went to Downtown Disney to hit up the Lego store and Starbucks.

I got my coffee frappuccino and we got in the car. And then we headed home.

I already miss Disneyland, but I will be back before I know it.

Friday, June 28, 2019

I'm a Jungle Explorer and a Pirate

 Today was our last day in Disneyland for this trip. We wanted to get in things we hadn't done yet in the trip. We started on the Jungle Cruise.

 I enjoy the serenity of this ride. I like floating along the river and being among the trees.

 Here is the elephant pool, they are enjoying the water. An interesting fact about elephants is they have a great memory. I wish I had that ability.

 And here is an elephant that is about to spray water out of its trunk. An interesting fact about elephants is they have a great memory. I wish I had that ability.

 After the jungle excursion, we got on the train at New Orleans Square.

 We were stopped for a minute so water could be added to the steam engine.

 We did one complete circuit and then got off the train for lunch.

 We went to Harbour Galley and I got the lobster roll.

 The sandwich was quite small so I also got some clam chowder. Delicious!

 I'm being photobombed by a Porg.

 While I was having lunch, the steamboat passed by.

 Next we went back to Galaxy's Edge again for more Star Wars fun. I got this popcorn that was mostly sweet with an occasional bite of spice.

 I wanted to explore Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island.


 Danger. Keep out? Okay.

 Another pretty waterfall.

 This island is so pretty with all of the trees.

 And another waterfall!

 Ah, what a nice way to relax on a late afternoon.

 So after we left the island, we went back to California Adventure.

 We got on the Golden Zephyr. I know I wonder every time why it is called that when the rockets are silver.

We walked around Paradise Pier a bit and did some shopping. We went on Soarin' Over California again. We decided to get some dinner at Smokejumpers Grill. I got a chicken sandwich and waffle fries. At this point my fur started to feel crispy. I knew I had too much sun exposure. (Always wear sunscreen when the heat index is six or above.)
We were all slowing down, feeling tired and ready to get back to the hotel. But since this was our last night, we went a bit more. We sat in the planter area at the end of Buena Vista Street and got some ice cream. We watched the fireworks from there. We wanted to close out our trip with one more ride, so we went on Monsters, Inc. And then it was back to the hotel.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Eating My Way Through the Disney Parks

I don't have to explain this picture.

But maybe you are wondering where Mr Duffy is today. He went to do his own exploring, or so he says - I think he stayed in the hotel room to do some gaming! 😂

I love waterfalls.

I spent some time in Cars Land. I went on Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.

It is a spinning ride and looks tame. But it is wild!

After my wild tractor ride, I strolled down the main thoroughfare.

The weather was nice, about mid-70's, but when I was standing near the cactus plant, I felt much warmer.

Time for a fill-up!

Beautiful scenery.

Not a lot of people hanging around in California Adventure today.

The beauty of Radiator Springs.

It was a bit too early for lunch but I was ready for a snack. I went to the bar at Pixar Pier.

This was the view from my table.

I ordered this non-alcoholic juice that bubbled and smoked. So cool! (And not just because there is dry ice on the bottom.)

I also got this blended rum beverage which was a good blend of rums and juice.

And my human friend ordered a non-alcoholic tropical juice. He let me have a sip - or maybe I just took a sip without asking, I don't remember - and I liked it.

This bar is known for having the best lobster nachos, so I ordered a plate. And they were very good.

I also ordered a poke plate and I was briefly taken aback when it was presented under this dome cracker.

I filled up on appetizers and drinks. So I went to walk to let my food digest, and headed towards the Toy Story ride, Midway Mania.

This was my score, I think this was the highest I ever got on this ride.

I walked through the gift shop and saw this cute ornament which was actually a good size for my head.

Then I went into Bing Bong's shop which is so bright and colorful.

So many rainbows.

And speaking of rainbows, I got this blended icy drink that had one of every flavor, and then topped with Nerds candy. Oh my, so much sugar, even for me.

We passed by the new Inside/Out ride that was getting ready to open.

I stopped by an ice cream cart and picked up this treat. I really eat too much sugar, don't I?

I had a fastpass for Radiator Springs Racers, so I headed there after I finished my ice cream.

I was in the winning car. Yay!

 So after our car ride, we went into Disneyland. And went on Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.

 I only see water. Where are all the sea creatures?

 Oh, there is a creature but I don't think she lives in the water.

 It's a diver!

 And a gigantic clam.

 These clams have giant pearls in them!

 After the submarine ride, I was ready for food. But no sweets this time! So I got a turkey leg. I do like these things.

 The turkey leg stand is in Fantasyland and I could see the Matterhorn. And that made me want to ride, so I did. It seems like it gets wilder every time I go.

 After the ride, I was passing by Buzz Lightyear's ride and the line was so short so I got in. It was a walk-on. I didn't win this time, but still had fun.

 After my ride, I did some shopping on Main Street. And then fried pickles started calling to me. So I went to the Carnation Cafe.

 These are the very best fried pickles in the world. Yes, the world.

 You'll never guess what I ordered for my entree.

 After dinner, we wanted to see what Galaxy's Edge looks like at night.

 We walked around in there to pass time for fireworks. We left GE to watch the fireworks show near it's a small world. And then we went back to GE after to close the park. We walked until we were more than exhausted. I was hungry again so I tried the wrap from the roaster.

 It sounded good and looked delicious. But one bite and that was enough. It was too spicy! And I didn't want to cause a tear in my fuzzy tummy from hot spice, so I had to find something not so flavorful.

 As we walked on Main Street, I decided a hot dog would fit the bill. I looked at the different ones they had and saw they had macaroni and cheese as a topping. Oh, my. If you want to eat this, you should have your affairs in order first. If I ever get this again, I would ask to not top with bacon. To me, it was just too much. But the mac and cheese is a yummy dog topping.

Well I was trying to eat my dinner, and out of nowhere, Stitch showed up and tried to steal my dinner!

It was a very long day and I was exhausted. This was already our third day of a lot of walking and doing and it was also midnight, so it was time for bed. So we could restore ourselves and do it all again the next day.