Thursday, February 14, 2019

I Love Valentine's Day

 I had a party for Valentine's Day. There is so much to love about this day.

 I had these delicious Hershey Kisses that had a liquid chocolate center. Yum!

 One of my favorite Valentine's candies are the cherry jelly hearts.

 Our Vulpix friend joined us, as well as Birdie and Valentino.

 Mr Duffy and I gave each other Reese's candies. I gave him white chocolate and he gave me milk chocolate.

 Sir Wellington seemed to come out of nowhere when he heard me open the foil wrappers on the chocolate.

 Mr Duffy and I shared a kiss.

 And we shared Hershey Kisses!

 Sir Wellington took a nosedive into the chocolate bag. Mr Duffy tried to pull him out.

 Birdie and Valentino got into the spirit and shared a kiss.

This was a lovely Valentine's Day. I am glad I got to celebrate with loved ones. And that we had candy! I wish more holidays involved chocolate gifts.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Aquarium Fun

 I spent the day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I am always fascinated by the millions of sea creatures. There are always new ones for me to meet when I visit.
 This crab is much smaller than it looks in the photo.

 I think these two were dancing with each other.

 I like the fish here. I love the ones that are colored like summer fruits.

 Hanging out on some coastal rocks.

 This is a white-plumed anemone. It made me think of cauliflower.

 I was there when divers were working in the tank. I would love to go diving, or at least snorkeling one day.


 This fish had a grumpy face.

 These are sand dollars. I have seen their shells, but not live ones before.

 Can you see the fish? Good disguise!

 Another camouflaged critter.

 This exhibit showed some of the trash that ends up polluting the ocean floor. It is very sad.

 I thought this was interesting with the starfish.

 I love all the purple.

 I think this is some kind of eel.

 This is a tank that doesn't have a top. What if a fish jumped out???

 I don't remember ever seeing a small turtle here.

I do love being near water. Whether it is the ocean, bay, a lake, a river, or even a waterfall into a pond, I love it. And all of this greenery makes me want a salad. It must be time for dinner!