Saturday, November 24, 2018

Believe... In Holiday Magic (Disneyland, Part Two)

 On the way to Disneyland, I saw this display of Lady plush and I wanted to take my picture with them.

We sat on Main Street to watch the Christmas Fantasy Parade.

 I love that giant teddy!

 The wooden soldiers marched along.

 Santa's Workshop

 Mickey, Minnie, and Donald!

 Chip and Dale, too!

 I like how giant books introduced each segment.

 The skating snowflakes are one of my favorite parts of the parade.

 And of course the snow princess and queen had to be part of the winter parade.

 The princesses!

 And a big part of Christmas... TOYS!

 This is a fantastic tree. I wonder if it would fit in my living room.

 Where's Rudolph?

 And for the grand finale....

 Santa Claus! This is such a wonderful, festive parade. I love the song from it. It really gets me in the holiday mood.

 After the parade, we went to ToonTown.

 They were decorated there, too.

The main tree in ToonTown.

 Minnie's tree.

 Mickey's tree.

After ToonTown, it started to get dark, and I knew where we had to go.
 The most enchanting, inspirational, awe-inspiring thing you will ever see.

 These pictures don't even tell a bit how spectacular this is. If you have a chance to see this in person, do it. Show up around 5:00 and just hang out for 15 minutes. And then something magical will happen.

 There must be at least a million lights inside and out of this ride.

 Counting down to the new year!

 After riding it's a small world, we wanted dinner. We were in the mood for pizza, so we went to Pizza Planet. But when we got there, inspiration struck.

 There is a scene from Lady and the Tramp where they eat spaghetti, and they share a noodle. We were able to recreate that scene!

 The spaghetti was delicious and the pizza was yummy, too. Our next thing we had to do was watch fireworks, so we headed towards Main Street.

 Sleeping Beauty's Castle looks even more majestic and enchanting at Christmas time.

 While walking up Main Street, I noticed this window. Photo opp!

The fireworks show was as beautiful as ever and the company was the best I could ask for. After the show ended, we had to catch a train back to San Diego. Disneyland is always special, but it is even more amazing at Christmas time. I want to go back and catch all the holiday stuff I missed.