Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bravo Farms

On the way home from Anaheim, I stopped at Bravo Farms in Kettlemen City. It is a very cute rest stop, themed like the old west. There are shops, a restaurant, ice cream counter, cheese tasting, playground, and some other bizarre things to see.

It is a neat place to stop, but it can get very hot in summer. Or any other time of year!

I had a salmon salad, then some wine ice cream for dessert.

Then back in the car I went and headed home.

Firefly Day

No, not a day devoted to insects. This was a meetup for fans of the science fiction show by Joss Whedon.

I had a Jayne Cobb hat and shirt.

Storm trooper on the loose!

Starbucks was calling for me, so I went to the Market House on Main Street for coffee and a bat cookie.

After coffee, I met with other fans of Firefly and we talked about the show and which other franchises we like. Then it was time for lunch.

After lunch I stopped in the candy store for goodies to bring home and take a couple more pictures of Halloween stuff.

Then it was to the car to drive home. See you real soon, Disneyland!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Day at Disneyland

This was going to be my only full day in the Parks.

I started by going on Star Tours. The exit of the ride is through the Star Trader which is a shop that is mostly Star Wars merchandise.

It was breakfast time. I ate at the River Belle Terrace.

After, I went on Indiana Jones!

I looked around in the Adventureland shops, then got on the Disneyland Railroad.

I ended up in Tomorrowland. I decided to catch the Monorail to the Disneyland Hotel where they have Trader Sams Tiki bar.

I am the legal drinking age for bears, so I had a drink.

After drinks, I explored the Disneyland Hotel a bit.

Then it was back into Disneyland for dinner. I ate at Rancho del Zocalo.

It was Halloween season and they had fun photo spots. They also had the 60 year anniversary photo spots.

I was on my way to one of my favorites, it*s a small world.

Then I went to the Enchanted Tiki Room. Let*s all sing like the birdies sing!

Then I ended the day the way I started, by going on Star Tours.

It was a busy day. Time to go back to the hotel to rest.