Saturday, August 8, 2015

Disneyland Summer 2015

I started my 10th and last Disneyland day the usual way, with a Starbucks drink.

I love the book theme in this store.

Somehow I didn't make it on the Matterhorn this time. I will ride it for sure on my next trip.

Making a wish at the well in Snow White's Grotto

I went on Casey Junior Circus Train for a trip around Storybookland.

This is a fun ride. You can sit in a cage, or ride backwards in the caboose.

I wonder if the Little Man of Disneyland lives in Storybook Land.

After the ride, I walked by the submarine lagoon. I like to yell out random food items until the birds start saying "Mine! Mine!"

They said "Mine! Mine!" when I mentioned tacos and coffee.

Then it was to the Star Trader for my last bit of shopping.

This is one of Chris's cousins, Darth Duffy.

This hat was too big for my head.

Build a Droid!

I liked this shirt but they only had human sizes.

They had these Star Wars cookies. They also had Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper.

After the shopping I bought a cherry lemonade in this fun Boba Fett mug.

While I was sitting, a Stormtrooper came by and picked me up. A boy sitting nearby said "This is not the bear you're looking for." The Stormtrooper paused, put me down, then walked away. It was really funny!
It was time for me to head back home. I had a lot of great moments. I loved the new fireworks show and the new night time electric parade. I got to meet characters I've never met before, I tried new foods, bought new clothes, and added some items to my collections. I'm ready to go back real soon.

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