Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Break Day 3

I started off my day by taking a nature walk.

There were lizards everywhere!

I also saw a deer, a rabbit, and a lot of birds but they were all too fast for my camera.

These plants give a nice texture to the landscape.

i saw these neat ornamental masks.

When I got back from my walk, I wanted to go to the bookstore. I went to Barnes & Noble. They had this Doctor Who display.

These cute little bears were available for sale. Cute!

I bought a couple of doodling and coloring books.

I enjoyed a refreshing iced passion tea from their cafe.

When I got back to the B&B, I took another quick walk before dinner. More lizards!

Pretty flowers

Dinner was a salad bar at the B&B. There were so many toppings!

This was my last night sleeping at the B&B. I still had a few more days of vacation, but this was my last in the Gold Country area. It's a nice place to visit and it's quieter than a big city. Now I will plan my next trip.

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