Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Black Bear Diner

While I was in Auburn, I stopped for lunch at the Black Bear Diner. I really like this place. There are bears everywhere! The food is typical American diner fare. The portions are so big that I've always been too "stuffed" to try their dessert.

This bear is a lot bigger than I am!

I don't like this sign.

These bears were hanging out just outside of the booth where I was seated.

The ketchup bottles even have bears on them.

These are the backs of the stools at the counter.

This big guy is in the lobby. I'd love to bring him home.

These are a few of the items available in their gift shop.

Love the word play

See what I mean about the portions? This omelet is huge and they give a lot of potatoes and all that toast.

The menus and place mats are all fun.

More fun things in their gift shop

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