Saturday, May 17, 2014

Big Wow Comic Fest

This weekend is Big Wow Comic Fest in San Jose. It's a comic book convention like others. Vendors are there to sell comics, toys, and other memorabilia. There are fan tables to recruit new members to their groups. People of all ages are dressed in costume. And there is a lot of excitement among attendees.
There are so many talented costume designers. This man combined Wolverine with a Mandalorian and he calls himself 'Bubb Fett'.
Ivy Doomkitty was actually very nice. I think she didn't want to take a scary picture with a cuddly teddy.
Henry Jones, Senior, and Henry 'Indiana' Jones were there! That was very exciting. You know how much I love the Indiana Jones franchise.
There was a section of the con that was the Batman museum. The Batmobile was parked there. Awesome!
I saw a few Doctors walking around, but I could only stop the 10th one for a photo. I think the others jumped in the TARDIS and vanished before I could reach them.
Who you gonna call? I'm going to call for takeout. It's dinner time.
I love warm hugs! Luckily I saw Anna gliding around, and Olaf gave me a few warm hugs. It was a happy moment.
Okay, cue the Imperial March.
I went through the Batman museum for a second time to look closer at some of the memorabila. There are some great toys and collectibles from over the years.
Captain America was quite popular. Many people were dressed in variations of Cap's outfits, a lot of people had the shield backpack, and there were a lot of people in Captain America shirts and hoodies. He is probably the most popular Avenger.
This was the money shot right here.
I found a page about Ted the Ewok and his geeky adventures. I've been following for a short time. It's so awesome to see other bears traveling, dressing up, and accompanying grown humans. So I was really excited to see that he was at Big Wow! Of course I wanted to meet him in person.
This was my first "con" and I had a great time! I bought only one book because it is very over-stimulating and I was overwhelmed. I just really liked meeting people, watching people, and talking and making new friends. I can't wait to go to another one! Great day!

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