Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sonoma Train Town

Sonoma Train Town is a park I saw on my way into Sonoma. It's on Broadway/Hwy112/12. It is very cute, a great place for families or bears.

I wonder of the conductor will let me drive...

Halfway through the ride, the train stops in a 1/2 scale town where you can get off the train and explore.

I think they built this town just for me. I would love a bench like this for home, it would be great for reading or just lounging on.

They have a school, jail, church, and other buildings found in most towns.

The firehouse has a fire engine parked inside. It was so hot I was hoping to find a hydrant, but no luck. They probably would not have liked me to tilt it over anyway and that would be a waste of water.

Do you like my caboose?

The conductor was happy to pose for a photo.

This was a fun stop, I am glad I decided to check it out. Admission is free, however if you wish to take the train or go on any of the rides there is a fee for tickets.

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Bart Bear said...

G'day Califia

Trains are great aren't they. I always go on trains whenever I can. The best one so far was on the Zig-zag railway in the Blue Mountains. I got to ride in the drivers cabin while the train was hooked to the carriages. You will find lots of trains on my blog. I like your blog.