Thursday, June 12, 2008

National Candy Month

June is National Candy Month. What a sweet way to start the summer. I love candy and not so much eating it. It's just so pretty! I love seeing jars of candies like jelly beans and M&Ms, bowls of tiny candy bars, gingerbread houses, heart shaped boxes of chocolates... I also love the way candy smells. I don't like cotton candy but the smell is so pleasurable. Don't get me wrong, while I prefer looking at candy moreso than eating it, I do have my fair share of favorites.

Is it hard to tell which candy I like best? I love Toostie Roll Pops, Mambas, Bit-O-Honey, caramels, red hots, fruit flavord Tootsie Rolls, and a myriad chocolates with Toblerone as my favorite.

Find yourself in a candy store and stock up for a sweet month of candy eating!

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