Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gilroy Gardens

I spent the day in Gilroy Gardens. I wanted a nice, leisurely day looking at the plant life and enjoying the rides.

There is a playground there that is covered by overhangs and surrounded by trees. It's a nice place for mama bears to relax while cubs blow off extra energy.

The highlight of my trip: Fried Castroville artichokes and Gilroy garlic fries. They aren't as spicy as I like. Maybe next time I will ask for extra garlic.

Gil, the Gilroy garlic mascot.

One of the attractions here is the waterfall area. There are three different falls. There is a tunnel under the big fall, and for anyone brave enough to walk through, a splashy treat awaits on the other side. It's great for a very hot day.

Gilroy Gardens isn't a large park and many of the attractions are aimed at families with young cubs. But if you want to experience it for the trees, plants, waterfalls, and garlic fries, it would be nice to stroll through for a few hours.

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