Saturday, June 28, 2008

Camp Grizzly

June 28th was National Backyard Campout Day. Eating premade smores and sitting outside doesn't cut it in my book. When I celebrate I take it to the limit. I started by making a sign for my "park." I invited my BFFs to join me.

Eureka is a good guitar player so she provided the music for our campfire songs. Our favorite to sing was "The Saga Begins" by Weird Al. It works as a group campfire song. Trust me.

James is the chef in our group so he handled the grill. He makes a mean veggie burger. When you open the frozen package on stick it on the grill, how hard could it be? I can't really give him a hard time, he did make some good food. It was quite impressive to see him make quesadillas on an open flame.

While the others went to set up their sleeping bags and decide on ghost stories, James and I stayed by the fire to eat more smores. I found you could make smores "vegetarian" by using marshmallow creme. Marshmallows contain gelatin which is made from animal innerds and bones. Marshmallow creme is made from egg whites. Yes, still an animal product but the lesser of two evils.

I don't know how it happened. One minute I was making vacation plans, the next minute I had a mouth full of fur. No complaints, though, James is very gentle.

It was getting late and everyone was ready for ghost stories. Minerva asked for me to not tell any too spooky as she didn't have a date she could cling on to. Beckett tried to act tough for Eureka, but I could tell he was going to sleep with his flashlight on. James has heard these stories so many times he could recite them without the book.

Some of my favorite California ghost stories are La Llorona (Trabuco Creek); Kate Morgan, the Hotel del Coronado; The ghost of the Brookdale Lodge; Sarah Winchester of the Winchester Mystery House; and more. I also enjoy stories of Bigfoot sightings and El Chupacabra.

The campout was a lot of fun. I still have smores ingredients so will be munching on those for a few days.

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