Thursday, June 26, 2008


While out running errands, I happened upon an independent bookstore that I had not ever visited. I had some time so I decided to check it out. In the back is a large toy area. This little guy was sitting in a wagon, waiting for a photo.

I thought this piano was just a propr, so imagine my surprise when I posed for a photo and startled everyone in the toy section. I am not very musical, mostly I just make a lot of noise.

In one corner of the store there were many models set up. There was a big dollhouse with a lot of very cute furniture. This pirate ship was also set up. I really wanted to buy one, but I am sure one more piece of pirate anything wouldn't be a welcome item in this house which could now be mistaken for the Caribbean.

There is even a section to do some "mining" of colorful rocks. Looking at the pictures now I realize - I didn't take any pictures of books! That opportunity will present itself again, I'm quite sure.

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