Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Califia

My friends came over to help me celebrate my birthday. Back row, boys, left to right: Adam, Neville, Monk, James, and Beary. Girls, front row, left to right: Julia, Elizabeth, Minerva, Califia, and Eureka.

If it weren't my birthday, why would I be wearing this hat?

My friend Elizabeth has been trying to get me to find a boyfriend. I have been telling her that my travels and blogging keep me too busy. Well, she brought her friend James Norrington to my party. He is a nice bear, friendly, funny, and quite nice looking.

My birthday cake was a Boston Cream cake with a frosted cookie on top. It was so good! The frosting was thick and rich but not too sugary.

I sure do have generous friends. They spoiled me with all the gifts!

My friends gave me clothes, books, candy, a beach chair, a new purse, and even a surf board! I'm all set for the summer.

James is a lot of fun. We made a date for coffee, that should be fun! This was an awesome birthday.

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