Thursday, May 15, 2008

Escaping the Heat

Temperatures around here have reached or exceed 100° and I thought I had a great plan: I would visit the coast. I checked the weather online and it posted weather in Monterey would be high 70's. That is very comfortable. Too bad they were wrong and it was 95°. Since I was there I thought I would make a day of it anyway.

The Splash Zone in the Monterey Bay Aquarium has been remodeled. Many things are still the same, but there are some newer tanks with different species of fish. Behind me is a tropical tank with the breeds of those in "Finding Nemo."

Apparently this shark thinks I'm lunch.

I "otter" be in pictures. I know, a terrible joke but it had to be told.

Mmm, I know what I'm having for lunch.

I make friends wherever I go. I met this very nice fisherman at Fisherman's Wharf. It was very hot, but occasionally a sea breeze would bring a cool wind to give momentary relief.

At the end of the day I stopped at Dennis the Menace Park to have a bit of fun. It was so hot that only four children were in this usually packed playground, and were lethargically sitting under the trees for shade. I was really tempted to jump in the lake for a swim to cool my fur off.

I was expecting to have relief of about 25 degrees but didn't save any more than ten. Maybe next heatwave I'll just hide out inside Starbucks.

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