Sunday, April 27, 2008

Heading Home

Before leaving the hotel I wanted to take some photos on the property. I love that southern California has so many palm trees.

I really like where I stay and the location. The room is big and has a microwave and a refrigerator. I need to keep all my soda cold and don't like to constantly have to refill my ice chest. The bed is comfy, too, but the blankets aren't thick enough. I need to bring my own from home.

I ate some Cheerios in the room before heading home. I needed the quick energy for the long drive, or at least until I could stop at Starbucks.

I stretched my legs at the rest stop in Buttonwillow. They had a lot of California information like where all the state parks and points of interest are. The also had a mileage chart which was fun to look at.

Just hanging around for a bit, getting the circulation going before I drive hundreds of more miles!

It was not a very long weekend at all. It was too hot - about 90° on the drive. I checked the weather report and it says weather is supposed to be in the high seventies which is so much more comfortable. Now that I am home it is time to plan for my next great adventure.

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