Friday, April 18, 2008

Flair For Flair

I meet the requirements for the amount of flair needed for a job at TGIFridays. Part of the reason for so much flair is I am quite a political bear. I am also very expressive and wear my heart on my sleeve - well, my badges, anyway.

I am very li-bear-al and do like to show it, but I am the last person to say another's opinion is wrong. I am open-minded and accept bears for who they are. With that said, here are some of my current flair statements:

*I *heart* Harry - Potter, of course
*Save a ship. Ride a pirate.
*A picture of a bicycle and under that says $0 per gallon
*Two cartoon bricks of tofu saying I *heart* tofu
*"Did you get the memo?" A quote from Office Space
*To err is human. To arr is pirate
*I *heart* hunting accidents. Okay, on the surface this may seem insensitive. But my breed of bear, along with countless other animals have become extinct due to hunting. Killing animals is not a sport.
*Vegetarainism is for lovers
*"No talent ass-clown." Again, another favorite line from Office Space
*I have a thing for the Potions Master. (What? How did that get in there? That's not mine. Only one guess as to who that one belongs to!)
*Rated Arr with the Jolly Roger on it
*Powered by tofu with a picture of a smiling brick of tofu
*The East India Trading Company logo
*"I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request." A classic line from POTC The Curse of the Black pearl. (Notice a pirate trend here?)
*Will award House Points for coffee
*Saving my booty for Captain Jack
*Jack Sparrow for president
*Cow Hugger with a cow icon (The Herbivore Clothing Co)

And I have many more, it just might be boring to read all the statements. If you made it this far, thank you!

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