Monday, March 3, 2008

The Retreat

The house we rent is in Bodega Harbour, overlooking the bay. It is a beautiful place, quiet and relaxing.

The first night we were there we had an ice cream bar. Four different kinds of ice cream and endless syrups and toppings covered the table.

My creation.

I did take some breaks from scrapbooking to breathe in fresh air and soak up some sun.

There were a few Cricut machines and every cartridge available for anyone to use. I was too busy to cut any shapes from the electronic machines, but I did look at the different fonts available. I hate to admit that I do have a Cricut and several cartridges, but I have yet to use any!

One of our community snacks was a large, oversized bag of gummy bears. Is it wrong for me to eat gummy BEARS?

I did make a new friend in Bodega Bay. This is Fred. he has been all over the US and Europe. I saw photos of him on the Eiffel Tower, posed in front of historic castles, and other landmarks. I hope to be Pen Paws!

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