Monday, April 29, 2019

Oh, to See a Mountain Covered With a Quilt of Snow

My wagon was packed with my clothes, pillows, blanket, snacks, and other things I would need for my vacation. I was driving to Nevada for the week. This would be another new state for me.

 As I was headed east over Interstate 80, I saw lots of snow on the mountains. And there was a turnoff where there was a lot of snow on the ground.

 I was really excited to see it all.

 I walked around the area for a bit, touching the snow and just enjoying the scenery.

 Look at all of that pretty snow!

 I made a snowball but didn't throw it. I just wanted to form one.

 I love trees and they are especially pretty dusted with snow, and with snow on the ground around them.

 Of course I had to make a snow angel.

 I got back in the car and loved looking out the window.

 I feel at home among the trees.

 More trees!

 The drive on this stretch of the highway through Tahoe National Forest is so beautiful.

 I stopped again for a few minutes at the Donner Summit. This picnic table with benches was covered with snow! I was amused by this.

 There were huge piles of snow at this rest stop.

 More snow pics. I was so happy and excited to get to play. This was unexpected so it was a great surprise.

I got back in my car and didn't get out again until I reached my destination of Reno, Nevada.

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