Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Virginia Street Strip

I was up and ready to go on Tuesday morning with a clear destination: Circus Circus.
I played the Wheel of Fortune game and won 490 tickets. That was the biggest win of the day!

I wanted to see more of the casino, so I toured through their slot area.

They had these giant statues of animals that used to perform in traditional circuses. Nowadays, they use human performers.

There was this pirate themed bar that wasn't open yet, but I did stop for a pic with this guy.

I ended up at The Brew Brothers for lunch.

I got this berry lemonade frozen margarita. It was so good but made my head turn a bit fuzzy.

I ordered their happy hour nachos to start.

My lunch was their Baja fish tacos.

This restaurant is part of the Eldorado hotel. Three hotels and casinos are all adjoined. The Silver Legacy is the other one that is part of this trio.

They had a tram that adjoins the hotel with the casino. I was curious about it so I took a ride.

Then it was back to Circus Circus. I went into their arcade to play before returning to the Midway.

There were fun little rides there.

Back in the Midway, this performer was doing some flexible moves while suspended from the ceiling. I could do that, but I'm not stretchy. I would just hang there.

They had a skee-ball there, too. Any good arcade has it.

My mouth was getting a bit dry and I wanted a soda. But then I saw this frozen yogurt shop and that sounded better. So I filled a cup.

I chose a vanilla yogurt as my base, but wanted a smidge of the fudge flavor. Then I topped with all of these things like cookie dough, chocolate chips, candy bar bits, and mini peanut butter cups.

I revisited the arcade to play a few more games.

This glittering, shiny sign looks so much prettier in person.

This is the famous clown that welcomes people to the famous casino strip.

And here is the Reno banner that spans a street. A few people stood in the middle of the street while cars were zooming along. So dangerous! Luckily the photographer who works for me is talented enough to get everything in the frame without making poor choices. Always do things to protect yourself from harm!

Inside the Eldorado they have these amazing statues. Unfortunately, the water was not turned on. I imagine it would be so much more majestic with the water feature running.

This is the "Old Silver" that is in the center of the casino.

After a few hours on the main drag, I went back to my hotel. They have these awesome water fountains outside.

It was dinner time, so I went to the Purple Parrot which is their 24-hour restaurant. They have a reputation for having the best salad bar in town. I didn't think it was particularly special, but they did have some good stuff for my salad.

I ordered their steak which was quite dry. I had to dip it in the potato gravy to make it palatable.
After dinner, I went to my room and looked through all the prizes I won at Circus Circus. I have to get a new toy box to hold them all!