Friday, October 5, 2018

Pumpkin Happiness at the Farm!

Today I went to Spina Farms to look at all of their pumpkins, take another hay ride, and buy more produce. I started the day with an iced pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.

No dogs are allowed, but I am not a dog so I was okay.

They have a cute train ride here. Toot toot!

Now this is what I call a jack-o-lantern!

They have a hay maze. The stacks aren't tall, even for a teddy. It is easy to get through.

This haunted house isn't scary. It's actually kind of cute.

This is the front of the train. People can ride in it, if they buy a ticket.

This gigantic chair is a bit hard to get up on, but I feel important when I am up there.

And now... pumpkins!

This scarecrow is doing a fine job.

I found the perfect pumpkin.

These pumpkins are turbans, because they are shaped like them.

I am curious if these pumpkins are edible, and how they taste.

Really Interesting Pumpkins?

Pretty sunflower!

This wheelbarrow had a nice selection of just about every different type of gourd they had.

I like the green and orange blend of this squash.

I hit that setting on my camera again and my pics came out looking old. I may need to go back to the farm to get better photos.

These are some of the tractors that are used on the farm.

Miles of pumpkins!

I think maybe if I get back to one of these farms, I may ask a farmer which of these pumpkins I can eat. I am curious about the white ones.

This was an unintentional photo that came out looking artistic.

They had planters growing pansies.

I like that they had these signs next to the different types so I coould learn the names.

I thought Knuckle Head was a funny name for a type of pumpkin. But not as funny as...

Red! Warty! Thing! 😂

Now this one is another I would like to taste, if it is edible.

There are the turbans again.

The munchkin are just my size.

And this is the pumpkin used to transport Cinderella to the ball.

What do you think this is? All of the other decorations are very clearly a variety of pumpkins, or ghosts. But is this an avocado? A pepper? Because those aren't grown on this farm. Some kind of green squash?

Ha. Ha. Not really. I guess there aren't a lot of good puns for headstones. Maybe that's a grave subject to joke about.

Well, Izzy?
So festive! This place makes me happy.

I got to take a hayride through the sunflower fields and corn stalks. The ride was serene.

This is a great view from the tractor.

The weather was beautiful: sunshine, a cool breeze, partly cloudy. I picked up some small pumpkins for cooking and some fresh corn. I do love fresh corn.

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