Friday, October 12, 2018

Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort

Disneyland is my favorite place, and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I was happy to be there when the resort was decorated.

I parked in the Mickey and Friends lot and took the tram.

I headed for the Winnie the Pooh ride.

Who lives in that little house?

Those are gigantic carrots!

Are these jars full of hunny?

I sat in the giant honey jar and went through the ride.

I didn't look for Buff, Melvin, and Max this time. I was watching my human as he rode through this for his first time, and I was enjoying watching him have fun.

After the ride, I posed at the hunny jar, which is a traditional photo for me. I hope they don't ever take it out!

I went into the candy store.


They had a lot of Halloween themed desserts. There was a Princess Minnie caramel apple and it matched my costume.

Fancy cupcakes.

I visited the little Pooh bears.

Then I played with the real Tigger!

Next I got a cuddle from Eeyore.

And then I visited Pooh!

Next up, I went on Pirates of the Caribbean.

And then it was time for lunch. I had a giant turkey leg and a corn on the cob.

I sat on the deck at the Rivers of America.

I got to see the Mark Twain Steamboat as it passed by.

I was leaving Frontierland, but wanted to stop for a picture with the pumpkins.


There was a Dia de las Muertas display that I wanted to take a look at.

The flowers are beautiful. I love all of the colors.

I made my way to Main Street, stopping at the hub where the Walt and Mickey 'Partners' statue is.

All around the statue are these pumpkins carved with characters, each representing a land.

Woody is Frontierland.

Pooh is Critter Country.

Tinker Bell is Fantasyland.

Roger Rabbit is ToonTown.

Buzz Lightyear is Tomorrowland.

These flowers are bold fall colors and I love them.

These bronze character statues are also in the hub.

The Dapper Dans usually wear primary color stripes, but they were wearing orange for Halloween. They sang holiday songs, including the theme from the Haunted Mansion.

All of the buildings on Main Street had jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins and other fall foliage accenting them.

I wanted a cold treat so I got an Olaf frozen lemonade bar.

And a Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich!

It was time to use my fastpass for Haunted Mansion Holiday.

Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays, and I love that they combine them in the movie. And this holiday overlay runs from September through early January.

After my tour through the Haunted Mansion, I stopped at the Ray Bradbury tree. There are jack-o-lanterns growing on it!

I was dressed like a princess so I had to pose at the castle.

It was time to check out ToonTown. They had some decorations, too.

And the usual gags and toon pranks.

I went through Mickey's house to get some more pics.

I wanted something to drink, so I went to the ice cream place for a root beer float and a soda.
The ice cream was chocolate and vanilla swirl. It tasted good in the root beer, but I think it would also be delicious in cola.
These are the soda cups they have at Halloween.

I wanted to head over to California Adventure. I saw this ghost Mickey on my way out.

I had dinner at the cantina on the Pacific Wharf. The food was good. I thought people were taking a lot of pictures, but it turns out all that flashing was lightning. The thunder rumbled not long after that.

I was enjoying my dinner, eating chips and guacamole, and enjoying the storm. That is, until the rain poured down and drenched everything.

I finished up my dinner and walked through Pixar Pier. I stopped in Bing Bong's candy shop but I didn't buy any candy this time.

I was cold and wet and needed to rest up for my next day back. I did stop at Marceline's in Downtown for toffee. And then it was good night.

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