Saturday, October 27, 2018

Halloween Party Time!

I have been hosting Halloween parties every year since I was a bear cub, back in 2007. It is one of my favorite holidays and I make a big deal out of them.

 Here, Valentino and Birdie are holding hands at the candy table.

 I provided a big variety of tasty treats.

 And of course we had to have candy corn.

 I baked my famous and most-requested cookie, the peanut butter chocolate chip cups. They were devoured and I didn't even get to eat one!

 And here is the bin of chocolate candies. Yum!

 Mr Duffy dressed as a vampire and I was a purple witch. We visited with our light-up pumpkin pal.

 The chairs were decorated with tinsel garlands and lights.

 Santa Jack Skellington even made an appearance.

 I made Puerto Rican rice.

I also make pasta which was popular.

And the green bean casserole vanished! There wasn't enough left over for a decent meal.

This party was a lot of fun and there were almost too many people there. We played games, listened to seasonal music, and just had a fantastic time. No one stared at their phone and people really engaged in conversation. And there were good costumes, too.

Now just two more parties to go!

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