Saturday, July 21, 2018

Seaport Village

On Saturday, I left the convention area to visit Seaport Village. There is a long walkway along the waterfront that connects the village center to the convention center.

 This Deathly Hallows display was outside the main building.

 That is one funny taco.

 The candy Mamba was there giving out whole packs of their chewy candies for people to try. They gave me a roll of sour which was really tasty. This is a great candy option for vegans.

 Starbucks got in on the SDCC action and made this funny sign. I would actually like to taste Wakandan coffee. Although they probably have a Starbucks in Wakanda by now.

 There were banners of the Avengers hanging on the street lamps up and down the city streets around the convention center.

 Yoda on the rainbow flag. Hmm...

 There are a lot of these luxurious boats docked in the Seaport Village area of San Diego Bay.

 The water looks so peaceful. I wanted to jump in for a swim.

 There were a few touristy things to see in the village like this wizard who, for a dollar, will give you a readout.

 This is what I really wanted to see. The candy store!

All of these jars had so many candies that I wanted to try. But I stuck with taffy, which is one of my favorites.

 These are tiny lollies. Where are the giant ones?

It was a bit hot and I really wanted a cold and bubbly soda. But they did not have my first choice, or even my second choice. I had to settle.

Seaport Village is small but cute. If you are ever visiting the Gaslamp district, or are at a convention, it is worth a small walk to check out. They also have a cookie shop and an ice cream shop which I didn't get to try this time, but I will be returning and I will get some ice cream for sure!

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