Saturday, July 21, 2018

San Diego Comic-Con

I was lucky to be able to attend San Diego Comic-Con. It is a convention that focuses on geek culture that includes movies, television, books, gaming, collectibles, comic books, and more. This was my first time and I really just wanted to take everything in and mostly shop and people watch.

 I had lunch at a barbecue restaurant near the convention center. Pikachu was my lunch companion.

 I had ribs and fries. The food was okay, not terrible, but not good enough that I would want to return.

 Yay! I am really here.

 This Spider-Man was hanging above the vendor hall.

 My first purchase was this book about drawing bears. I do love books about bears, either real or fictional. This was a good deal as the vendor sold it at $10, which was a good discount. And it is a hardcover at that.

 Here is a Ghostbusters car. I didn't get close enough to hear if they had the theme song on repeat like they did at Big Wow a few years ago.

 There is a lot there for gaming.

 There were a few Star Wars booths, or ones where Star Wars was heavily featured. I went to the Disney Press booth and picked up some Star Wars titles. They threw in a tote bag and a Tsum Tsum with my purchase. That was awesome!

 Luckily I did not get slimed.

 I am so glad he didn't snap while I was there. I mean, I could have done with a smaller crowd, but I could have been turned to dust.


 This was the second time I got to sit in a Millennium Falcon. The first time was when I saw Solo.

 Hulk smash!

 This display seemed very 80's.

 The Funko booth had some awesome Pops on display. I would like a gigantic one, but I would only be able to chose one and I don't know which character I would pick. There are so many that I love!

 Maybe Funko will make a Pop of me one day?


 I was happy to see Frozen representation.

 These pretzel vendors were in a few spots in the convention center. It was a good snack after so much walking around.

 After the convention, I went to dinner at yet another Mexican restaurant. This time it was at Ortega's in Hillcrest. I tried horchata for the first time and it was delicious.

 I ate some guacamole that was made right at the table.

 Dinner was good but I was so wiped out that I started falling asleep on the dinner table!

 I got back to my room and sorted through my purchases and swag from the day.

 This was the badge from this year. I didn't get one with my name, but maybe next year I will have one that says Califia on it.

I enjoyed Comic-Con, but it is EXHAUSTING. I really want to go back next year and sit in on more panels and get more time to shop. Oh, there are so many great things to buy.

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