Tuesday, July 17, 2018


 This was my very first time visiting LEGOLAND in Carlsbad. There are so many amazing things to see and I took over four hundred photos. That might be too many to share, and even though I will be breaking things up into several posts, I still don't think I will show all of them. The park is bog, they have more to the resort than the one park, and so much more to see that I will need to take another trip there. I hope that will be sooner rather than later.
 Yay! Here I am at the entrance, ready to start my day.

 They have a castle themed hotel that looks like it would be so much fun to stay in. I definitely want to spend a couple of nights in one of the LEGO hotels!
 Of course they have a Star Wars greeter.

 The first 'land' I explored was themed to Ninjago.

 There was a great interactive ride where waving/flicking your hands would allow you to fight the bad guys.

 After leaving the Ninjago area, I looked in a LEGO play area. They had it in sections where the larger bricks were in one part and the regular ones were in a different part.

 There was a fun giraffe just outside the play room.

 Bison attack!

 After my near-death experience with the bison, I needed to refuel. Pizza did the trick.
 What are you looking at, wise guy?

 The next ride I went on was the Coast Cruise. This is a boat ride where there are models of famous places, all made of LEGO bricks.

 There are also animals in the cruise.


 There was a fun band playing at the end. And all of these statues are all made from LEGO bricks. Impressive!

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