Monday, July 16, 2018

Calafia Beach!

 Imagine my excitement when I found there is a road named Ave Calafia! Now, I know it isn't the same spelling, but it was still so fun to see!

 And what is at the end of Avenue Calafia???
 Calafia Beach!!!
 This is one of those typical southern California beaches you see in the movies. Full of colorful umbrellas and towels, and lots of people playing in the sand and water.

 There is a wall of rocks that separate the grade where a train runs.
 I asked the life guard permission before taking this photo. She was happy to help!
 At Calafia Beach they have the Calafia Cafe!

 I ordered their fish and chips which actually filled me up before I could finish it. That is unusual for me when I can't finish all of my fries.

 Calafia is part of San Clemente, which is in Orange County. That is one county known for its famous beaches.

I didn't go in the water this time, but I did get to relax a bit and really take in the view. All I wanted was to just go to a place with my name.

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