Sunday, August 26, 2018

Silicon Valley Pride

 This was my fourth time at a pride parade and festival. But it was also the first time I was not marching and I actually got to watch.

 This was the Silicon Valley Pride parade and festival that took place along Market Street and ended at Cesar Chavez park.

 There are a lot of street vendors who sell rainbow themed items like flags, necklaces, headbands, and cool souvenirs.

 These roller skaters had so much energy and were very steady. I don't know if I could do any of those impressive moves.

 There was library representation and they handed free books out to spectators. That was awesome!

 Cute doggie showing pride.

 I love how colorful this event is.

 This was my favorite part of the parade. Pugs!

 A good message.

 Look at that giant flamingo on top of the truck!

 These dancers are talented and have beautiful outfits.

I had a great time watching the parade. Everyone is so happy and welcoming and cheerful and the vibe is peaceful and hopeful. 🕂

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Natural Bridges State Beach

"We're going on a trip, in our favorite rocket ship." Now that you are singing along, this is our special wagon. We ride in it when we are going on day trips, or when we will be hauling a lot of goodies around.

 We stopped at Surf City Coffee where they had these fun salt and pepper tumblers. But they were filled with cinnamon and sugar.

 Mr. Duffy is sitting in front of a surf board. I think he wants to ride one some day.

 Mr. Duffy and I shared a Cowabunga which has espresso blended with toffee syrup. It is quite sweet so I don't get them often.

 It took a lot of energy to set up our beach tent and get all of our food out, so we took a break before playing.

 There were some good climbing logs near our site.

After taking in the views for a few minutes and resting, we changed into our swim suits so we could really play in the water and sand.

 Natural Bridges is a state beach in Santa Cruz. Many years ago, the two imposing rock structures were joined, making it look like a bridge. After decades of being in the elements, pieces of the top slipped away.

 The beach is big and doesn't get too crowded because there is a very long and difficult hill to and from the sand. It's hard to go in both directions, and if you are wheeling a cooler it is even harder to do.

 Mr. Duffy and I brought a bag of saltwater taffy to munch on. It is a traditional beachside candy, and as you know, it is one of my favorite candies.

 I sat at the wet sand, wondering if I could get up just before getting splashed by the cold Pacific water.

 The waves were lovely but not big enough for surfing.

 This little green thing rolled in with a wave. I didn't know if it was a plant or animal. I snapped a photo and then left it alone.

 I wore my sandals in the water to prevent my feet from getting wet.

 Do you see the bird?

 I like how the waves are a bit more intense at the pillars.

 I took a break from the water to play in the sand.

 I thought it would be fun to bury Mr. Duffy in it.

 And then he took a turn to bury me!

 I made these tiny castles with my special beach bucket.

 I dug a hole and got in. The sand deeper under the surface is damp and cool.

 I got sand on my nose!

 Yummy, more taffy.

We spent several hours playing in the sand and water, and also relaxing in our tent and on our blanket. It was a much-needed day of tranquility and nature. We all felt happy.

 We cleaned up and packed up and got ready to head back home. I stopped up at this lookout area because the view was amazing.

 Oh how I love the ocean.

The great thing about living in California is that we don't get real seasons. We can go to the beach any month of the year because there are always a few warm days, even in winter. I hope to visit a beach again soon.