Sunday, June 17, 2018

Incredibles 2

 Incredibles 2 was a great movie. For a sequeel, they did a great job telling another story and keeping my interest. I was a bit surprised that this movie had some more adult type language than other Pixar films. It worked and it wasn't excessive, and likely went over young heads.

Here is a great review of the movie.

They had this big poster at the theater. I can't wait to see the Pooh movie!

Monday, June 11, 2018

San Luis Obispo

 Mr Duffy, Sir Wellington, and "AJ" were my travel buddies on this road trip.

I spent a relaxing weekend on the central coast in California in San Luis Obispo. When I have visited in the past, I would always dream of one day staying at the Apple Farm, and this time, I did it!

The hotel in quaint, tucked at the bottom of the Cuesta Grade and one of the first hotels you see when you head south into SLO. There are a lot of trees around, and lots of flowers make it a pretty place.

I stayed in a room that was very fancy, with a giant bed, a fireplace, and a big television.

The hotel was set up for wine service. They had glasses and bottle openers in the cabinet. There are a lot of wineries around and this is great for those who buy a bottle or two to drink in the room.

The big screen television hangs above the fireplace. It gets cold on the coast so this is a nice touch.

The cabinet had a refrigerator and some travel essentials. It would be a great hiding place, but I had other things I wanted to explore.

This bed was so gigantic and fluffy and had a lot of pillows. I got to share it with Mr Duffy and my two favorite humans.

The bathroom had a shower stall and not a tub and I was a bit disappointed that I would not be able to take a bubble bath. But I made it work. They had nice toiletries in there.

The couch was on the other side of the room where the wine table sat. It does look nice and tidy here. Once you fill a room with bears and people, though, it can get a bit messy!

One of the best parts of the Apple Farm Inn is that they have a great restaurant and bakery there. Lots of delicious apple things to try, too, including fresh pressed cider. Yum!

One thing I recommend you try is the apple potato pancakes. They are so amazingly delicious, and just perfect for this bear. They are served with sour cream which finishes it off fantastically. 

Don't they look amazing? With warm apples under the pancakes, it is just so good. Now I want some and I am very far away. Maybe I can learn to make them at home? Or maybe Mr Duffy will make them for me.

My main dinner was a steak with a creamy mushroom sauce and some broccoli. I could have done without the sauce, but overall, not bad.

One thing they serve at the restaurant which is amazing is their apple cider baked beans. They have bits of walnuts, and the beans are soft with just the right combination of sweet and savory. 

All nice and stuffed after a giant dinner. We went back to the room after and watched Stranger Things. Then we rested up to get ready for our next day.

On Friday, we had some brunch in the restaurant before heading out. I had some of their delicious cider. 

I am a fan of garlic fries and wanted to try theirs. The basket was huge and I couldn't finish all of them, even sharing with Mr Duffy and the humans.

My main course was this macaroni and cheese that had bits of meat in it. It was tasty, but made me feel very full. And that wasn't great because I was headed out to the candy store!

 We started our downtown adventure in Captain Nemo's comic shop. I don't know why I didn't get any photos from there. We walked up the street and found this candy store. They have these giant gummy bears!

I thought this was a funny sign.

 Star Wars representation!

And... Harry Potter!

And one of my favorite candies is salt water taffy and they had a lot of flavors.

More Star Wars goodies!

I wanted a giant lollipop but had to settle for this cinnamon stick. I like the lollipops that are bigger than my head.

I also picked up a few caramel and nougat goodies. Good stuff!

After our downtown adventure, we went back to the hotel to watch more Stranger Things. And to rest up for our next day.

Pismo Beach was the destination for our Saturday. We had lunch at the Ventana Grill.

I wanted to enjoy a cocktail and got this citrus and rum beverage. It was tasty.

 And pretty!

We had a spectacular view of the ocean while sitting at the bar.

 I had seafood pasta which came with a delicious garlic toast.

 Look at that view! We saw pelicans diving and other birds flying.

After lunch, we went to Pismo Beach to appreciate the waves and the beauty of the coast.

I wanted to get on one of the swings, but we only had a few minutes to spend here.

We were going back to the hotel to watch more Stranger Things, but I had to stop for a coffee on the way there.

It was a very laid back weekend, and one I would love to do again. San Luis Obispo is a fun town, and there are other things to explore. Next time!