Monday, October 3, 2016

Rosicrucian Park

 In San Jose, there is an Egyptian museum and there is a beautiful garden to explore. Here are some of the things I saw.

 Inspirational quotes

 A peaceful rock area

 Another quote

 The rock had water bubbling over it.

 This was a pretty flower.

 The peace garden had a nice reflection pool.

 Look how the palm tree is reflected in the water.

 I love palm trees.

 There were koi in the water. I love looking at fish.

 I didn't even try to get in there to eat any of them.

 Beautiful landscape.

 This is a great list of things to practice.

 I like the columns.
 I'm not sure, but I think this *might* be King Tut. At least according to a web search, it is.

 The entrance to the museum.

There was another fountain. I love fountains and water features.

 This is a game they have on the grounds. It is called Senet.

 I had to get a photo at the sign.

 Some artwork on an outside wall.

 I thought this part was particularly neat, it is a labyrinth of sorts. You walk along the trail and can see the different plants.

 I  made it through.

 This was a neat plant they had there. It reminded me of those fancy seahorses they have at the aquarium.

I visited on a Monday and the museum was closed. But all of these things are open, and they are free to explore. One of these days, I will go inside. But for now, I will enjoy these memories of the landscaping.

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