Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Harry Potter, Here I Come!

When I first learned that Harry Potter was getting a theme park in Orlando, I dreamed that they would put on in California. And that dream came true! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter came to Universal Studios in Hollywood! I wanted to visit since it opened a few years ago. And this past weekend, I got to go!

I started out by going to the airport.

I grabbed a blended coffee from Peet's. I got dressed like a movie star. Why not? I was on my way to Hollywood!

This was one of the planes I could see from the terminal.

 This balloon sculpture of a flamingo was cool to see.

 And a balloon palm tree!

I had my paws-port all ready to go.

After hanging around in the terminal for an hour, it was time to board the plane.

I had a window seat near the wing.

 We were parked for a while so everyone could board and get their luggage in.

 I reviewed the safety instructions.

 And then it was time to taxi... and takeoff!!!

Up, up, and away!

 This was a very turbulent flight. The flight attendants asked that no one get out of their seats, even to use the bathroom! We dropped a lot.

As we got close to our destination, it got cloudy.

 It almost looks like snow.

 Getting cloudier...

 and cloudier...

 And we were making our final approach into Burbank. There's the city out my window!

 This is the plane I rode in.

Welcome to Hollywood!

I stayed with some very nice people. We went for a sushi dinner, then went to bed. We had a very beary busy day the next day!

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