Monday, May 22, 2017

A Quick Trip to Big Sur

 Sometimes you have one of those days when things aren't going well, you are not feeling happy, or it seems like the world is a bad place. Today was one of those days.

 I got in my car and felt like driving along the coast. The water, or more specifically, the bay or ocean, make me feel better. I drove south along Highway 1 until I ended up in Big Sur.

 I had never been here before. I only explored the very front of the park, but it looked like a place I would love to further explore one day. I love camping and I love being outdoors, and I love trees. Of course, I am a California bear so all of those things are appealing to me.

 I love redwood trees, and sequoia trees, and any other ones that grow big and strong and old.

 More places to explore.

 There was a creek and I didn't want to get too close on this day. But maybe I will return and be able to get a closer look.

 I like the photos where the bit of sun shines through the trees.

So I didn't see a whole bunch of things. But this is a big park and they have camping there. Maybe one day I will go. And get to bring my camping things and use my tent and special camping supplies.

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