Friday, May 25, 2018

My Birthday!

 My birthday is May 17th. This year, I turned 11 and got my letter from Hogwarts!

 Here is the front.

 And on the back is the list of supplies I need to bring.


After I read my letter, I went out to buy food and a cake for the day. I started out with an iced latte. I had to have my daily coffee.

I wanted Nutella for lunch, but I was denied. Look at the size of this jar! It's half as big as I am!
 This made me giggle.

 I picked up a box of one of my favorite cereals. Of course I like honey.

 This is a long standing prank I play on someone I know. They don't like extra dark chocolate, and whenever I see this in the store, I take a selfie with it. Then I text them and tell them I found them a special treat. They don't fall for it anymore.

 Are you a fan of delicious flavor?

 Gummy bears! Yummy! No bears were harmed in the making of this candy.

I picked out my cake. I chose vanilla with white frosting. It was tasty!
On this day, I had a yummy dinner and cake. I was going to have a real party over the weekend.

 So on the Saturday of my birthday weekend, I went to see Deadpool 2. And then on Sunday, I went to the candy store with my lady human and my favorite human gentleman, CEC the Ronin from Fish and Cherries.

 Mmm, Toblerone. I still dream of one day getting one of those humongous ones like Joey on Friends got from the airport.

 Pretty colors! I like candy sorted into rainbows.

 This display had super sour candies. Too sour for me!

 One of my favorite candies is salt water taffy. Sometimes it gets stuck in my fur, but it is worth it. My favorite flavors are cinnamon, peppermint, peanut butter, and watermelon. Yummy!

 More candies, in so many shapes.

 They must have had thirty different flavors of Jelly Belly candies. I didn't get any this time.

 I do like the gummy candies. I was tempted to crawl into one of these bins.

 Lollipops! But I didn't get any because they didn't have any that were as big as my head.

 Here they had some British imported candies.

 I ended up with a few chocolate bars, taffy, hard strawberry candies, and gummy candies.

 After the candy store, I went to Peet's for my required coffee.

 I got a Mocha Freddo. Good good stuff, just sweet enough to not be like a milkshake with a nice touch of chocolate syrup.

 Ah, so refreshing.

 After we got home, I saw that my party was ready.

 We had soft Teddy cakes and chocolate teddies and chocolate honey mints.

 And we also had chocolate and vanilla teddy grahams and gummy bears.

 Look at all of my wonderful friends who came to my party! I was very excited.

 They wished me a happy birthday.

 Everyone was happy to be invited and they all enjoyed the bear-themed snacks.

 And my oldest friend that I met through CEC is Chewbacca.

 I opened up my first present and saw it was a Millennium Falcon. It makes ship sounds. I got to fly it around the room. Of course Chewbacca wanted a turn.

 My next present was some accessories for summer. I won't show them here because I will be blogging about them when I go to the beach, and want it to be a surprise.

 Star Wars paper. Does that mean there are Star Wars things inside?

Yes! A Han Solo outfit that I can wear to the Solo movie, along with a couple of other Star Wars shirts and some sweet snacks.

I had the best birthday ever. I love CEC and my lady so very much, they are so good to me.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Deadpool 2

 Deadpool is a wacky and raunchy character from Marvel. The movies do have a lot of violence and strong language. It is not a movie for cubs, and older bears should talk with their mama bears before going to see it.

 I enjoyed my mandatory iced latte before the movie began. I am glad so many theaters serve Starbucks coffee.

I had a yummy hot dog, I did have a bite of one at Universal Studios, but this was the first one I got to enjoy all to myself.

The movie was entertaining, very funny, and there was even a teddy bear in it! You can read a spoiler-free review here.

Up next: Solo!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

And finally the day came and I got to go to Universal Studios! This was my first time at the park.

The first thing my humans and I did was head straight for the Harry Potter area. The greeter saw us in our Slytherin clothes and asked us to not practice dark magic while we were there. We went straight for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Well there was a small problem because they do not allow bears to ride. So I had to spend fifteen minutes stuffed into a locker with my human's backpack and her boyfriend's jacket. It wasn't so bad because my human had candy in her bag I could munch on. After they got out of the ride, we looked around the giant store that was all Harry Potter stuff. It was very exciting.

 Next we headed to Three Broomsticks for a delicious, giant lunch. For a theme park, the prices are reasonable and they give big portions.

 I got a frozen Butterbeer. It was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. I am glad I live as far away as I do, otherwise I would be drinking this all the time.

 I had the ribs that came with corn and potatoes. Good stuff.

 And... Hogwarts! It is beautiful! And it stayed overcast all day which really added to the feeling of being at the real Hogwarts.

 I wore my Death Eater shirt and had a Slytherin scarf. Am I really that evil? Well, if you call swiping my human's coffee and evil deed, then evil I am.

Look at this extremely handsome human in Madame Malkin's robe shop. He's a Slytherin, too!

 So, Pumpkin Juice. I didn't think I would like it. I opened the bottle and sniffed it. I was a bit hesitant but I thought I would taste it anyway. I LOVED it! And the bottles are really awesome.

 More of Hogsmeade.

 And the thing I was most looking forward to... Honeyduke's!!! They had so many candies and sweets. It was very colorful in there and they had some interesting things like chocolate frogs and jelly beans of every flavor. And I mean, every flavor.

 After a Pumpkin Juice break, we got in line for Flight of the Hippogriff. Now this was a ride I was able to go on! It was a tame ride, a quick small coaster.
 As much as I wanted to stay in the Harry Potter area, there were other parts of the park to explore.

 We went on the studio tram tour where we got to see sets and props in the backlot. One of the things we got to see was the building with the clock tower in Back to the Future.

 We passed by a variety of famous cars.

 A dinosaur demolished this truck from Jurassic Park.

 The tour guide talked about how they can get rain to show on camera.

 I got just a little wet.

 We passed by this candy and I wanted to jump out to eat it.

 The tram car was full. I had an outer seat.

After the tram ride, we visited the Simpsons area.

 There I had a Squishee...

 ...and a churro.

 There is an England section and I found a phone booth.

 There is Baker Street! There is a 221B but I didn't get a pic of it.

 This is a truck from O Brother, Where Art Thou?


 E. T.

 By this time, we were all exhausted and ready for dinner. We left the park and went to Bubba Gump's in City Walk.

The garlic butter shrimp is so yummy. And their garlic bread is also delicious.

After dinner, we were ready to leave. We had picked up two donuts from the Simpsons donut stand. They are bigger than my head! We got a classic pink and a chocolate frosted and they were both delicious.

I had a great time at Universal and didn't get to see everything. And I didn't get around to actually shopping in the Harry Potter stores, other than an interactive wand. So that means I will have to get back there again very soon.

All was well.