Monday, July 31, 2017

Disneyland Day 3

Mr Duffy joined me today. We went to the Market House then made our way through the park.

 We went to the Matterhorn. I like waiting for the gulls to start yelling, "Mine! Mine!" It's really funny.

 The Matterhorn is a fun ride, but one of the wilder ones and not so easy to pose for photos on it.

 We headed over to Critter Country to go on the Winnie the Pooh ride and to go in the candy store.

 One of our traditional places to pose for photos.

 Look at all of those yummy treats! Caramel apples, chocolate covered marshmallows, giant cookies, cake pops, and so many more goodies. I had a rumbly in my tumbly for something sweet.

 To counter all the sweetness from the desserts, I picked up a salty Mickey pretzel for snacking as we walked. A few hours had passed and we decided on lunch.

 We went to the Carnation Cafe on Main Street. They had this delicious shrimp pasta. My favorite thing to eat here is their fried pickle appetizer. YUM!

 After lunch, we went to Adventureland to ride the Jungle Cruise.

 After our ride ended, we walked over to California Adventure and went on more rides. When it was dinner time, we ate at the wine country trattoria, one of our favorite restaurants in the whole resprt.

 They serve up delicious bread.

Mr Duffy got the veggie pasta.

 I got the linguine and clams.

 We did some shopping then decided to go to the hotel.

 We got in our pajamas and went to sleep. We had more Disneyland the next day!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Disneyland, Day 2

Today is my first day in Disneyland proper.

 As always, my day started with coffee. I went to the Market House on Main Street for my iced latte.

 Things were quite festive around the park. These balloons and streamers were at every train station.

 They just reopened the Disneyland Railroad after a long closure. They had to alter the track so they could work on the new Star Wars land.

 Each station had decorations that went with the theme. ToonTown's decorations were bright, bold, rainbow colors. A patriotic theme was on Main Street.

 I sat back to take in the new sights as we rode around the park.

 This is a new trestle bridge that the train crosses.

 This is going around the Rivers of America.

 This section is new.

 Thunder Mountain.

 After spending the morning in Disneyland, we went to Trader Sam's which is a bar at the Disneyland hotel. I got this yummy orange juice drink.

When I had lunch later in the day, it was at Rancho del Zocalo. I had the delicious veggie tostada. Yummy!