Monday, January 30, 2017

Pacifica Weekend

 I signed up for a weekend of crafting and scrapbooking in Pacifica. Since it is on the coast and I love driving along highway 1, I went over the big hill to go through Santa Cruz. My first stop was at Surf City Coffee.

 I had a warm, flaky croissant.

And my favorite beverage they have, the Cowabunga! That is a surfer's term, and the drink is made with coffee, ice, milk, and heath toffee. It is delicious!

 I checked into my hotel, the Lighthouse Inn, and looked around what would be my room for four days. Nice bath tub.

 And a giant bed I would have all to myself!

There was a mini fridge in the room. I would put sodas, cheese, and other cold snacks in here.
 And we were on the beach. Right there! I listened to the waves roll in and it was relaxing. I wish I could come back again and again.

 This is a walkway between the hotel and the beach. I went for long walks along it every morning.

  A pretty sunset!

This was the view from my scrapbooking area. I spent more time looking at the water than I did looking at my projects!
We were given goodie bags of candy. Mine had lots of yummy chocolate.

The weekend was fun and I was able to get creative. I really want to come back here because it is a nice hotel, there is good food in the area, and we are right near the beach.