Friday, September 9, 2016

National Teddy Bear Day

 Happy National Teddy Bear Day from Mr Duffy and Me!!!

 Hug your teddy today and every day.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Castro District

 Today I got to visit the Castro, which is a neighborhood in San Francisco.

 I started by having brunch in a corner cafe. I had eggs benedict with country potatoes.

 After brunch, I walked around. I do love seeing all of the rainbows. It makes this place feel cheery.

That is the famous Castro theater. They show classic movies as well as current ones and they do special events like sing-alongs.

 They have their own version of the Walk of Fame with famous people pics and short bios.

 This is their crosswalk. I love the colors, but I wish the sstripes were filled in to make a more solid rainbow.

 This is one of the street signs.

 I thought the rainbow at this bank window was pretty.

 This is the building where Harvey Milk lived. That is artwork of him overlooking the street.

 His house is now the Human Rights Campaign store. I popped in to pick up a few things.

 More rainbows!

I had a nice early day, walking around San Francisco when it was sunny. This is a lively neighborhood. Visit if you have the chance.