Sunday, July 31, 2016

Our Very Last Day

 I woke up early to get sunrise/early morning pictures of California Adventure. The smog and fog gave it an eerie, but neat look.

 That is the top of the Silly Symphony Swings.

 I went downstairs to the hotel cafe to get a muffin and fruit.

 Mr Duffy and I shared that breakfast along with this iced latte. I like the crazy straws.

I stopped in the gift shop for last minute shopping. They had some Finding Dory goodies.

 I liked the Marvel toys they had, too.

 We stopped by the lobby to get our picture with Goofy.

 This is a model of a Disney cruise ship on display in the lobby.

 We got in a few more hotel room pics before hitting the road.

It was a long drive all day but we made it home. It's always sad to leave Disneyland. Now we just pass the time until our next trip!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

First Day in Paradise

 Today is what I said was our last day. We got into our Mickey and Minnie outfits and went to Downtown Disney.

 We went to the new Starbucks. Yes, this place is so popular that they have two Downtown, and four total at the resort. And they are all always packed!

 We were sharing an iced caramel macchiato and talking about the stores we wanted to go to before leaving for home.

 Of course we went to Build-A-Bear. I always come in here to get all of the Disneyland exclusive Disney items.

 I had my pawsport with me and I had it stamped.

 D-Street is this fun shop where they sell Marvel and Star Wars items.

 Then we hit up the Lego store.

 That is an awesome wall of Lego bricks. I would love to have a whole LEGO room with a wall of sorted bricks one day.

 It was time for lunch so we went to the walk-up window at Tortilla Joe's. I ordered a veggie burrito and it was delicious.

 Then we stopped in Marceline's to get our last-minute candy.

 And then it was time to tell everyone that it was time to leave. We all got into the car and left the hotel. But instead of getting on the freeway, we pulled into... another hotel!

 I had surprised everyone with a stay at the Paradise Pier Hotel. And we got a park view room so we could see California Adventure from our room.

 This was our view from the room.
 We were above the trees!
 Mr Duffy was especially excited because this is the hotel we stayed when we first met. This looks like a fake background but it is very real!

 The lamp in the room is a surfboard.

 The artwork is beach themed.

 This lamp has Mickey sitting in a lifeguard chair.

 Our room had a mini fridge. Perfect for keeping our sodas cold.

 The toiletries are scented like grapefruit.

 Do you see the hidden Mickey?

 We had our ears all lined up above the dresser.

 They leave a plate of cookies in the room for us to enjoy.

 We changed into normal clothes to cover our swim suits. We were headed to the pool.

They have a water slide here and I had fun riding it.

 We ordered poolside drinks. I had this small cup of wine.

 All that swimming made us hungry so we ordered veggie burgers and fries.

 We dried off and ate our food. Then we went back to the room to take our pool stuff.

 When we got in, we found that the hotel had left these gift baskets for us.

 They are these cool lunch boxes filled with snacks.

 I zoomed way in with my camera and got the Hollywood Tower in my shot.

 What is really awesome is that we could see World of Color from our room. And they have a music channel that broadcasts the soundtrack so you can hear the music while watching the show.

 After the show, we walked Downtown to get dinner. We decided on Earl of Sandwich.

 Mr Duffy and I got tuna sandwiches. They were pretty good. But not as good as the bookstore they closed in order to put the restaurant in.

 We were back in our room and were pleased that they kept the ride lights on, even though DCA was closed for the night.

 Mr Duffy and I got in our jammies and relaxed. It was a very long, busy week and we had a really long drive the next day.

Good night, all!