Friday, August 7, 2015

Disneyland Day 9

I was craving a salad and I really like the vegetable tostada at Rancho del Zocalo in Frontierland. I like to eat the chip bowl after I eat the beans and veggies. Lunch was filling so I just wanted to wander around while my food was digesting.
This cute wood carved statue of bears is outside of one of the Frontierland gift shops.

Aw, that bear up there looks so precious.

I went in the store and tried on the coonskin hat that was made famous by Davy Crockett.

Do you want to lick a snowman?

These Minnie ears were just a bit too big for my head.

These rocks are very pretty.

I wanted to bring this bear home with me but I couldn't this time.

I wanted ice cream from Clarabelle's on Buena Vista Street so I walked down Main Street and saw this band performing.

I met up with Lily and we talked about our vacation. I had mocha almond fudge again.

And she had strawberry again.

After ice cream we went into the candy shop.

They have so many good chocolate candies for sale. I wanted one of each but chose only three bags.

On our way out of DCA we ran into Oswald.

I am happy that Oswald is officially back in the Disney family.

I had to leave the parks early today because I needed to pack up. The next day was my last day and I had the sad task of getting ready to end the vacation. At least I had one more Disneyland day to look forward to.

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