Friday, July 31, 2015

Disneyland Day 2

The required photo every Disneyland fan must take, all decorated for the anniversary.

We were there early in thee morning, right at opening. Cast Members lined Main Street to greet all of the Disneyland guests. This was very nice to see.

First stop, breakfast! It's the required Disney food, a Mickey Mouse pancake.

Chris had eggs and potatoes.

We shared a fruit salad.

He ate all the grapes! He didn't save any for me.

After breakfast we went for a ride on Splash Mountain. Because going on a flume ride with a 52 foot drop on a full stomach is a good idea. Look! A bear statue in the queue.

Ah, this is pleasant.

What a relaxing ride.

This mountain is home to a lot of woodland critters.

There's nothing sinister lurking up ahead...

There is! A big drop with a big splash.

I didn't get wet, just a few drops. After the ride we went to Pooh Corner which has a big candy section.

This cute bench is in Critter Country.

I thought this hunny was real. I wasn't disappointed because I knew of all the sweets waiting for me inside the shop.

These ceiling decorations are very festive.

Look at these treats! So much from which to choose, what do I do?

The cupcakes look yummy, but I can get those anywhere.

These Olaf treats looked good but I don't eat marshmallows.

These Pooh bears were in the attached store.

Mr Duffy and I chose Disneyland foods. He picked a Mickey pop treat with M&Ms and I picked the 60th cake pop.

At first I wasn't sure about the sugar, but it was sweet. I've tasted black frosting before that was gross, so I was a bit hesitant about the sugar. But it was very good.

After we ate our treats and dried off, we walked towards Main Street. Since I was dressed as Sleeping Beauty, I thought it would be fun to meet the princesses at Fantasy Faire. I met Belle and she was very excited to see me.

Next I saw Cinderella. She complimented my dress and she told me that Princess Aurora was at the wishing well outside. Thank you for letting me know, Cinderella!

Then it was time to meet Snow White. And this is where my first problem of the trip happened. Snow White refused to hold me and she dismissed me. Her photographer didn't give me any reason. I was confused. I just met other characters that gladly met with me and held me. I have been taking pictures with the Disney characters for over eight years. Why was Snow White refusing to hold me? Heartbroken, I left the Castle and stood off to the side, crying. And like a ninja, this manager with a clipboard appeared and asked me what happened. I told me the story, but how I have been meeting characters for years and that Snow White refused. I told her about this website and how traveling throughout California makes me happy. She called two people over to talk about the situation. It turns out that some characters are not allowed to hold objects. The managers were very nice to me, asking about how long I have been blogging, and which characters I have met, and they complimented my dress. They escorted me back into the Castle to take a picture with Snow. Then the CM with the clipboard asked me if I have ever met Anna and Elsa. I told her that I was going to get a Fastpass later in the trip to meet them. But she arranged for me to have a private, priority meeting with them. She really did not have to do that. I wasn't asking for anything, I just wanted to be in a picture. But I also wasn't going to pass up the opportunity. She radioed over to California Adventure and set up the special meet and greet. And from then on, I didn't ask any more characters to hold me.

After all of the crying and stress, I needed caffeine to comfort myself. I had a mocha frappuccino.

And then some retail therapy.

I got Black Widow and a Pirates of the Caribbean Vinylmation. (Yes, Duffy, I got them. Don't think you get to keep 'yours'.)

After the shopping, we went back to the hotel. I had to be dressed in a Frozen costume to meet Elsa and Anna. I put on my Anna dress and wig. We went to the Animation building in California Adventure. We looked for the character manager and she walked us right up to their door. It was so great! Anna and Elsa talked about chocolate. I asked Elsa if she could do anything about the hot and humid weather. She said I needed to ask Mickey about that. I tried.

Chris and I walked around with no real plan. I thought it was a good time for a margarita.

I was dressed as a Frozen character, so I wanted a frozen drink!

I stopped in Rushin' River Outfitters to visit my bear friends. I have been visiting them since the first time I visited DCA.

Who-ooo is this?

Also inside the store

This bear wanted to nuzzle.

Nice to see you again!

This section of California Adventure is one of my favorites. Lots of bears! 

 And that is it for the second day.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Disneyland 2015: The Diamond Celebration

Mr. Christopher Duffy and I went to Disneyland to celebrate the 60th anniversary. We were also celebrating our second anniversary. Here we are at a ticket window, buying our passes.

And where do we go first? Starbucks in California Adventure!

And a classic Mickey Mouse cookie, too!

The Starbucks is located inside of the Fifer, Fiddler, & Practical Cafe. They have the usual Starbucks goodies and some of the Disneyland Resort goodies.

And where do we go after coffee? Shopping! I was very excited to see all of these Marvel pins. Yay!!!

All that shopping tired us out for a bit.

They were showing the full trailer for Ant-Man in the Bug's Theater. Perfect theming!

After checking out the Ant-Man scenery, we looked around Bug's Land. I love these popsicle stick benches.

We walked into Hollywoodland from Bug's Land and went to Award Wieners which is a hot dog stand. I got a mushroom dog. This is just mushrooms and peppers, no vegetarian dog. They should make them!

At dinnertime (do we always eat?) we went to Wine Country Trattoria. They brought this very delicious bread to the table.

I had the salmon and potatoes. It was so good!

We finally went on our first ride, The Little Mermaid. I love it!


Wow, these flowers are amazing.

The colors are amazing! I'd love to grow these at my den.

So what did we do after dinner? Shopping again! And I found some Star Wars goodies!

Stitch is a bit too chaotic to be a Jedi.

It's a baby Tow Mater!

Isn't he cute?

So after walking around Cars Land, we thought about riding Radiator Springs Racers. Chris suggested we try the single rider line. We waited about twenty minutes and got in the same car. Awesome!!!

Cars Land at night is beautiful.

Next stop, ice cream! Chris had the strawberry in a waffle cone.

I had mocha almond fudge. All we do is eat, it seems. That must be why we're stuffed.