Friday, March 13, 2015


I woke up in the mood to do some shopping. I have so many nice dresses but not as much casual wear. I do more casual activities than fancy ones, so I should have proper attire. I can't very well play at the beach while wearing a long sequined dress with heels.
In California, though technically still winter, it is already warm enough to wear tank tops. This one is very colorful, which is good because then I can accessorize with a lot of different bows.

This is my real style right here. As much as I love sparkles and lace and rainbows, I do enjoy superhero costumes. I'm glad I have so many upcoming occasions to wear Star Wars things.

While at Build-A-Bear Workshop, I made a new friend! This is Cinderella. She is a limited edition Disney princess bear.

Maybe this is my section. All the Disney princess dresses!

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