Friday, November 14, 2014

Disneyland Marvel runDisney - Day 2

I was happy to have an Elsa costume to wear to Disneyland. Usually the princess of a Disney movie is the star, but this time it's the queen. Hundreds of girls walked around dressed as Elsa and very few dressed as Anna. They are both great characters, but Elsa has so many layers that she is very real and relatable.

Carpet in the Disneyland Hotel

This is small world holiday. The facade is covered in millions of lights and it is a sight to see. I was lucky enough to be there when it was lit up and the gasp from the crowd was a great thing to witness. I can't think of any other sight in the whole world that puts me more at peace and happiness than it's a small world at Christmas.

Counting down to the new year!

There are so many touching things in the ride, and all of the lights and the sounds of the kids singing Deck the Halls mixed with It's A Small World brings tears to my eyes.

Buy all the Elsa things!

More Frozen goodies! It was a long day and I had to be awake at 4:oo the next morning to run in the three mile race. Off to bed!

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