Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Look at that pile of presents! I did a lot of shopping, and my family was very generous.

This is my Christmas dress. I like to get dressed up on Christmas Eve, and I like to be casual on Christmas Day. I love how sparkly my dress is, and that I have a matching sequins Santa hat.

This tree is all Disney themed. That includes Muppets, Marvel, and Star Wars.

For Christmas Eve dinner, I went with my family to the Cheesecake Factory. A lot of others had the same idea because it was crowded! I thought more people would be home with their families, but maybe they wanted someone else to cook. After all of the holidays, I'm sure it's nice to have someone else do the cooking. And the washing of the dishes! This drink is the Georgia Peach. It is blended with peach flavors and rum and is very sweet.

This dish is the garlic noodles one. It has vegetable chunks and lots of garlic. It was so good and I was so full from the drinks and the food that I didn't have room for dessert. I sure wish that the Cheesecake Factory would make a dairy-free cheesecake. I'd have to bring home a slice or two! After dinner I went home and got ready for bed. Santa is coming!

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