Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St Patrick's Day

I had a green lunch. Pesto! I make mine at home. I use lots of basil and some spinach. Instead of pine nuts I use cashews. And I throw in tons of garlic and olive oil. If I need to, I'll add salt to taste. After I have chopped all of the ingredients, I add a carton of dairy-free cream cheese. Then I cook it over a low heat, and serve over pasta.

I wanted to bake some green cupcakes. My green mixing bowl was too small so I had to use this red one.

If you look closely at the third cupcake, you will see that the wrappers I used have clovers on them.

Yum, green cupcakes. They were very moist.

I figured I'd get a Frappuccino from Starbucks as a treat. Their straws are green!

This is one of my friends. He is always dressed like that.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pi Day

On March 14th, I had a party for Pi (Pie) Day.

We had two different types of jelly beans.

We also had cashews. Yummy!

I baked these pies. Apple and cherry. They are accidentally (unintentionally) vegan so I didn't have to worry about butter or cream.

This is the peach pie. YUMMY! It, too, was free of dairy.

We had teddy sized pies. This was almond milk chocolate pudding in a graham cracker crust. Delicious!

As you can see, I really enjoyed the cherry pie. I want more just looking at this picture.

This counts as my serving of fruit, right?

Look how pretty the pies were. And they tasted even better. Can we do Pie Day again next month?

Friday, March 13, 2015


I woke up in the mood to do some shopping. I have so many nice dresses but not as much casual wear. I do more casual activities than fancy ones, so I should have proper attire. I can't very well play at the beach while wearing a long sequined dress with heels.
In California, though technically still winter, it is already warm enough to wear tank tops. This one is very colorful, which is good because then I can accessorize with a lot of different bows.

This is my real style right here. As much as I love sparkles and lace and rainbows, I do enjoy superhero costumes. I'm glad I have so many upcoming occasions to wear Star Wars things.

While at Build-A-Bear Workshop, I made a new friend! This is Cinderella. She is a limited edition Disney princess bear.

Maybe this is my section. All the Disney princess dresses!