Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Day in Monterey

Before I went to any of the exhibits, I stopped in one of the gift shops. I loved that they had pink penguins. I do love pink, as you can see from my outfit.

The Kraken! It's got me!

Looking at fish is so calming. It would be nice to have a personal aquarium at home.

They have a nice otter exhibit. The otter is one of my favorite ocean animals. My very favorite marine mammal is the polar bear.

More fish! These tanks are beautiful.

It would be nice to decorate parts of my home with a nautical theme.

Does this look like a window to the Monterey Bay?

This is a mock diner they have set up which shows the impact of fishing and what happens to the ocean when people eat and hunt various sea animals.

I hope that fish doesn't want to eat me.

The aviary has a lot of cute little birds. I learned that the birds here are rescued birds and that it would be harmful to release them back out into nature. They are living in an enclosed area, but the aquarium has nicely duplicated their habitat. And if they did leave, they would probably die soon after.

There are various sea animals that will poke their heads up out of the water from time to time.

This exhibit is fun. A large wave crashes down every minute and it makes the tide in the tank rise. There is a neat effect.

Do you like my shell?

It's a penguin!

That's not a real whale.

After spending a couple of hours exploring the aquarium, I walked around Cannery Row. I found this pirate just outside of a shop that had many pirate souvenirs for sale.

I don't think this is my color.

After the pirate shop, I found a candy store. In there I met this fellow called Christian. He is from a book about shades of grey. He made me rather uncomfortable.

Grumpy Cat!

There is that beautiful colorful candy.

After I left Monterey, I stopped at one of my favorite places for coffee. This is Surf City Coffee and they have a few locations in the Santa Cruz area. My favorite beverage is the Cowabunga and it can be made with soy. It is a frozen blended drink with chocolate and toffee. Yummy!

It was a nice day, and I always enjoy spending time near water. And I am ready for my next adventure.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day because of all of the chocolate. I also enjoy seeing all of the bears, and I like that people exchange teddy bears as a symbol of love. I don't think there is a greater symbol of love than a teddy bear.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Big Game

Most people were watching football today. Not me. The only game in the house involved dice and cards, and the only bowl was full of chips. I meant to watch the Puppy Bowl which is why I had my cat suit on. I do enjoy watching the kitty halftime show.