Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sonoma Train Town

Train Town is a cute little park in Sonoma which is in California's wine country.
Duffy and I went there after our lunch at Black Bear Diner.
They have a retired full scale train that can be explored.
There are also rides, but they are mainly for young children.
There are small, coin operated rides in the park.
There was a horse and carriage ride. We managed to not fall off!
There were just a couple of bear statues at this park.
There are some nice photo spots. This lake is at the entrance of the park.
Ferris wheel and merry-go-round
There is a small scale train that drives around the park. It goes through tunnels, over bridges, and around small towns. It drops riders off at the small old town village. This is in the saloon.
There is a barn there with real live animals.
All of the buildings are the perfect size for teddy bears. This is the store.
This is the school house.
This is the church.
An outhouse! Ick!
This cute little carved bench was the perfect size for Duffy and me to relax for a minute.
What a nice looking house! Maybe Duffy and I will live in one like it someday.
The train's engine
This llama tried to eat my head! At first I thought it was coming in for a kiss, but it opened its mouth. Luckily it was distracted by someone with a handful of animal feed.
The gift shop is great for train enthusiasts. I met these bears there.
After our quick stop at Train Town, we went to Sonoma State Historical Park. This is where the Bear Flag Retreat happened. The Sonoma Mission is here, too. There are many historical buildings in the plaza. We went to a bakery for a veggie sandwich and a soda but we didn't get any cake or cookies. Maybe next time!

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