Sunday, April 13, 2014

Muppets Most Wanted

I finally saw Muppets Most Wanted. I went in not expecting much and that's what I got. I love the Muppets and enjoy all of their projects. But this one was not as good as the first in the "new" Muppet movies. If you see the movie, this will make more sense than you know! There were some good jokes and the dancing and singing were fine. But I didn't love the songs as I do the 2011 movie. There were a lot of cameos that were well-publicized before the movie's release, and a lot more that I didn't know of. The person in the scene with the Interpol Agent and Sam the Eagle was one I didn't know about going in, and one of my favorites was the theater manager. I wish Fozzie Bear had more screen time, but I am partial to bears.

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