Sunday, April 27, 2014

Black Bear Diner

Duffy and I went to the Black Bear Diner in Sonoma.
This is a typical American diner with burgers, sandwiches, and breakfast that is served all day.
There are a lot of photo opportunities for bears.
At the diner they have a small gift shop (which is just a big book case) that has stuffed bears, sweets, toys, books, shirts, keychains, and other tourist souvenirs for sale.
There are several locations around northern California.
I would like to decorate my house to look like the diner.
Duffy and I shared a veggie burger with fries and onion rings. Their soda machine was down, but it was a cola that I don't like anyway.
This location is in wine country so some of their decor incorporates grapes and wine bottles.
On Tuesdays they have a deal that if a human child brings in a teddy bear, that child will receive a free meal. I think that is for ages 12 and under. It's a great way to encourage people to travel with their bears.
It's a fun restaurant to visit if you happen to be near one, but not a destination restaurant. Not worth a special trip, even if you like bears. But there are many in California, and they are expanding to the south part of the state.
Check their website for locations and more info.

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